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Enamul Haque

Enamul Haque is an author, researcher and a managing consultant best known for working with global companies such as Microsoft, Capgemini, Nokia, HCL Technologies as well as for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU). He works with many Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation, Cloud Adoption, AI-Driven RPA (Intelligent Process Automation) and Service Integration and Management. He writes on IT Service Management, Cloud Computing, AI, IoT and Big Data analytics. He has 26+ years of rich experience in IT transformation.

Enamul shares his industry knowledge among the MBA students as a guest lecturer at the University of Coventry, London campus. He also worked very extensively as contributing writer for various newspapers, magazines and other publications. Enamul is multilingual (writes in Bengali/বাংলা, French, and English) and lived and worked in many countries, including the USA, Switzerland, Finland, UAE, UK, India and Germany.

Enamul Haque's books include Digital Transformation Through Cloud Computing, Elements of Digital Transformation, The Ultimate Modern Guide to Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Management and Governance and books in the Bengali language such as Jano (জানো), Poro (পড়ো) and Du’a (দু'আ). All his books are written based on real-life experience and as a practitioner of leading-edge industry revolution.

Enamul Haque studied mathematics and analytics (Cours de mathématiques spéciales) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne and architecture and technology of computer science (license en science informatique) at the University of Geneva. He also has a diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the University of Helsinki.

Enamul Haque has received many accolades and great recognition for his achievements in the IT industry. Nokia Academy has awarded him a Business Leadership Diploma after a year of a successful business development project. He is currently working on a leadership program powered by Harvard. Enamul is an avid enthusiast about sharing his industry knowledge.

Official website: https://www.enamulhaque.co.uk/