And We Have Promises to Keep

We promise to serve you. We promise to become the finest and largest content developer in Bangladesh.


Exlpore 5 way to partner with Mojaru

School Partners

Mojaru partners up with schools to bring their high end courses in much cost effective manner

Content Partners

Mojaru creates engaging content for national and international entities

Training Module Development Partners

Time for costly offline training to retire! We ideate, script, shoot & edit your training modules and bring them to your employee’s cell phones

Marketing Partners

Mojaru provides marketing support for every sort of business. Our skilled marketing team finds out your niche and follow a world class strategy to unleash your business growth

Strategic Partners

Mojaru helps building strategy for budding organizations to ensure their fast and smooth growth in their respective industries

Technology Partners

We offer a platform to host and operate your courses. Our advanced technology helps you enabling the true potential of your business

We Prepare Training Videos for Renowned Organizations in Different Modalities

ট্রেনিং এখন মুঠোয়

মোবাইল অপারেটর কাস্টোমার সার্ভিসের খুঁটিনাটি

স্পেশালদের নিয়ে একটু স্পেশাল ভাবে ভাবুন